The area of Monte Bonito Coffee production constitutes a wide and diverse territorial unit with productive coffee plantations. The requirements of the Monte Bonito certification mark do not only mean better quality and price, but also environmental benefits in the coffee landscape derived from the production of a marketable good through the sustainable use of natural resources, with benefits for biodiversity, for the maintenance of environmental services of ecosystems, carbon fixation and the improvement of the livelihoods of communities.

The producers of Monte Bonito Coffee shall comply with standards of production that would lead to local and global environmental benefits, such as:

  • It should be produced in coffee plantations under systems of natural shade trees. Also, the coffee plantations devoted to producing for the Monte Bonito brand shall encourage the native and migrating biodiversity that inhabits or takes refuge in the different tree species that will be present in the plantations. In addition, these trees will be used for the capture or fixation of CO2, the gas blamed for global warming and climate change.
  • The control of pests will be done with good practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This measure reduces the contamination of water and soil with chemicals and avoids risks to the producers’ health. Also, beekeeping will benefit by avoiding the application of pesticides in detriment of the pollinator bees.
  • The units and equipment to be used for processing of Monte Bonito Coffee will have structures or devices for the proper management of the animal by-products and waste of the processing, reducing pollution by solid waste in soils and water courses.
  • The increase in benefits to producers will bring an increase in their quality of life and the safety of their families.
  • Monte Bonito Coffee for export purposes will be packaged in bags made of plant fibers such as jute or sisal, avoiding the use of plastic fibers derived from petroleum.

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Certification Mark

Certification Mark

Certification marks are given to products that meet defined requirements without requiring membership in any group or entity. It can be used by all products that meet the rules of certification and are authorized by the certification body. Next page Regulations

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